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About Me

My background

Who is Paul Hoogeveen? As a professional I work in the area of finance, supporting management on budgets, reporting and analysis. 

I am a sports addict. I love to play tennis and try to cycle regularly. In November I will be running my first marathon.

I live together with my girlfriend Nancy and our three cats. We share the passion for travelling around the globe, meet interesting people, understand different cultures and enjoy beautiful landscapes. 

I am eager to set new goals, to live life to the max. Cannot recall the last time I was bored. 

I want to share my passion for photography with YOU!

My experience

Both my mother and grandfather were amateur painters. They learned me the basics of composition. At an early age, just as every kid, I played with old camera's. 

Growing up my parents took me to art museums, but my passion for photography really kicked off when I met Nancy 11 years ago. She had been travelling to Equador and other interesting places and when we booked our trip to Canada in 2006 I decided to buy my first digital SLR. Over the last 10 years we went to Argentina, Peru, South Africa, Malaysia, Cuba and several other interesting places. 

The desire to improve my photography skills started in 2011 when I joined a platform for travel photography. Initially I focussed primarily on landscapes, wildlife and city photography. Over the past few years I also got interested in architecture, still life, people and street photography. 

Over the past few years I have developed G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) as I got interested in film photography. I spent quite some time in reading about old Kowa Six, Mamiya, Rolleiflex, Leica, Bronica, Voigtlander, Nikon and several other mediumformat, rangefinder and other camera's and have collected several of these. My aim is to use these, as they are a lot of fun and produce images that have more 'soul' than digital. 

My vision

I am trying to capture beauty and share my work with others. Whether this is a reflection of a building in the roof of a car, 'bokeh' backgrounds of  backlit leaf in the forest, a smile on someones face, contrasts in color, direction and size in streetphotography. 

While streetphotography is my big passion, I also wish to develop myself in several other directions such as portraiture, macro and abstracts/still photography. I am part of the management of Fotoworkshop De Ronde Venen, a local photography club.

My work is for sale at EyeEm. You can find some of my work on Flickr, Gurushots, YouPic, Instagram and Facebook as well (see chapter Links). 

Please send me an email if you have questions or recommendations. Thank you for your visit!



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